19 Sep 2023
Opposition approaches the high court over the delays in Yameen's appeal
19 Sep 2023
Nasheed: The President does not play a role in modifying the form of government.
15 Sep 2023
President Solih's chances of winning the second round are slim: President Nasheed
14 Sep 2023
MDP meets with MRM for coalition discussions
14 Sep 2023
Indian troops will be withdrawn with doctors and teachers: Reeko Moosa
13 Sep 2023
Fire breaks out at Hulhumale' home
07 Jan 2023
Opposition protest continues yet another night with 11 people being arrested
05 Jan 2023
Adhaalath Party President Imran urges MDP members to think carefully before voting in the party primaries
05 Jan 2023
I'm not going to be anybody's Slave: President Solih
16 Dec 2022
Over 74 AFCON workers injured in last night's K. Gulhifalhu fire
30 Nov 2022
A mild tremor reported in Gaafu Alif Atoll
28 Nov 2022
Sadly, Maldives Government officials did not take the opportunity to participate in the China-Indian Ocean Region Forum: Chinese Embassy
27 Nov 2022
Maldivian government officials did not participate in the China-Indian Ocean Forum
20 Nov 2022
Rozaina is destroying this government: MP Shiyan
17 Nov 2022
Government has no plans to amend the tax hike bill: Spokesperson Miuvaan
11 Nov 2022
Local authorities search for individuals who visited the house that burned in the fire
08 Nov 2022
MSA is set to conclude its fifth lag of the tour, the Rannamaari Challenge 1444 at Male’ Varunulaa Raalhugandu
04 Nov 2022
100 per cent Islamic country status will end if Chagos Islands become part of our country: Umar Naseer
21 Oct 2022
Namal Rajapaksa: accelerating public services through digitalisation as a national policy is key
17 Oct 2022
This government is deliberately neglecting the fisheries industry: Former President Yameen
16 Oct 2022
Could Former VP Adeeb become a completely free man?