I'm not going to be anybody's Slave: President Solih

05 Jan 2023 | 00:18
President Solih Speaking at the rally

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that he will not be a slave to anyone. 

Speaking at a campaign rally,  President Solih talked about his electoral experience in 2018. President Solih discussed the recommendations he has followed ever since submitting his election nomination during a meeting at MDP's Harge.

He stated that he will always remember what his friend advised him when he was contesting for the 2018 Presidential Elections. 

President Solih said that he aims to take MDP forward and that he will not be a slave to anyone in carrying out the work.

'I'm not going to be anyone's slave'

Said President Solih 

President Solih stated that he will listen to everyone and he claimed that he is a great leader. He further stated that he likes to discuss things. 

However, he said that his decisions are taken in the best interest of the people after listening to everyone's voice.

We will not take away the interest of the people to satisfy a particular person

Said President Solih

President Solih's remarks come at a time when the opposition claims that Solih is a slave for India. Former President Nasheed has also criticised President Solih and the government for not following the advice given to him on matters.