Indian troops will be withdrawn with doctors and teachers: Reeko Moosa

14 Sep 2023 | 14:39
Moosa Manik speaks at the MDP rally / Photo:

Former MDP chairperson Moosa Manik (Reeko) has stated that Indian soldiers in the Maldives will be expelled from the Maldives, along with the Indian doctors and teachers working in the Maldives. 

Moosa Manik made the remark while responding to the opposition's comments on the presence of Indian solders in the Maldives. 

He pointed out that the opposition was making false claims about the presence of Indian soldiers within the country and this has been revealed in recent interviews conducted by army generals. He further stated that the soldiers from India or any country can stay in the Maldives only with the permission of the Parliament and so far no such permission has been submitted to the parliament.

It is undeniable that parliament must provide its approval before Indian military can be sent to the Maldives, 

Said Reeko Moosa

Nevertheless, he added that even if the opposition carried out their threats, it would be difficult for Indian soldiers to flee the nation.

Simultaneously, he outlined some of the potential outcomes he believed would occur if Indian forces attempted to depart the Maldives.  He also elaborated the consequence of the previous government being toppled by a coup which lead to Maldivians not medicine and teachers to teach and he further highlighted this could be devastating for the country. 

He also question the option of the consequence this could have on the country by stating that Indian Solders will leave with the doctors and teachers. Despite the following concern, the incumbent government has entered into multiple various contracts which the opposition accuses of including provision that could jeopardies the independence and sovereignty of the Maldives. 

There have also been several allegations that Indian troops are deployed in the Maldives under the Uthuru Thila Falhu agreement and hydrography agreement.

While the Defense Ministry refused to divulge the information, stating that disclosing the number of Indian soldiers in the Maldives would be for national security, the government said after the first round of presidential elections, Indian troops were not deployed in the Maldives. 

The government's claim that Indian troops are not in the Maldives is mainly due to the opposition's failure to adequately respond to the opposition's claims on Indian soldiers operating in the Maldives illegally. 

this idiot think if Indian doctors and teachers are gone with Indian soldiers, we can't get other teachers and doctors from another country. Is it Indian free workers?
23 Sep 2023