President Solih's chances of winning the second round are slim: President Nasheed

15 Sep 2023 | 16:45
Nasheed and Solih

Former President and Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has said that MDP candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's chances of winning the second round of the presidential election are slim.

In a series of tweets, Nasheed said President Solih couldn't win in the second round and added they should focus on their presidency. 

MDP had previously claimed that the party would win the first round of the presidential elections held on September 9 in the first round. However, President Ibrahim received only 39 per cent of the votes, while the position candidate Dr. Muizz received 45.99 per cent of the votes. 

The second round of voting is scheduled to be held on September 30 as none of the Presidential candidates secure more than 50 per cent of votes. 

Democrats have formed a special committee to decide what the party will do in the second round and is also holding coalition talks with MDP and PPM.

Democrats are trying to implement the party's strategy rather than seeking a separate government position within the coalition, and the party proposes to go for a systemic vote before the second round.

MDP and PPM are also trying to ally with the candidates for the second term, but Nasheed has stated that Democrats can't work with MDP President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih again.