Maldives Ambassador summoned to Indian External Affairs Ministry

08 Jan 2024 | 14:23
Maldives Ambassador to India presents his credentials to the President of India-- photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Maldivian Ambassador to India has been summoned to the External Affairs Ministry of India after three Maldivian deputy ministers insulted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media.

The Ambassador who's in New Delhi, Ibrahim Shaheeb was  asked to attend India's External Affairs Ministry at 9:00 am today.

According to diplomatic rules between countries, an ambassador of one country is summoned to the Foreign Ministry of another country to express his dissatisfaction with major national issues.

The ambassador is expected to maintain the stand issued in the press release issued by the Foreign Ministry of Maldives yesterday. The Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the government condemns the social media insults against Modi.

The statement also said that senior government officials are expressing their own views and do not represent the views of the Maldivian government. The statement released by maldivian government also said that the relevant authorities will not hesitate to take action against those who make such low-level statements.

Therefore, freedom of expression should be exercised in a democratic and responsible manner, in a manner that does not spread hatred and negativity and does not hinder close relations between Maldives and international countries, the ministry said in a statement.

The issue came to a head, following the reply by three youth ministry deputies, Malsha Shareef, Maryam Shiuna and Abdullah Mahzoom Majid, to a post on X by an Indian with a video of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep.

The government has suspended three deputies who made fun of Modi.