Work on Cat shelter to hopefully begin next January: Mayor Muizzu

09 Oct 2022 | 15:18
Male' city mayor Muizz speaking at a ceremony.

Male' City Council Mayor Dr Mohamed Muizzu has expressed hope that work on the cat shelter or animal facility will begin in January 2023. 

Speaking at a press conference held by Male' City Council today, Mayor Muizzu said the work on the cat shelter was carried out during the last term of Male' City Council. Speaking in this regard, Dr. Muizzu said that the agreement to establish the facility in Hulhumale' has been signed with HDC.

However, Dr. Muizzu stated due to a political issue the project could not be carried out if term changed and council is trying to carry out the project despite the hurdles. 

Dr. Muizzu said he could not carry out the work with HDC and started looking for a contractor at his own expense. The first time there was no bid and the second time he did not receive adequate bids. Therefore, the council has now decided to do so at its own expense to the extent of its ability, he said.

Dr. Muizzu said that technical work is underway to develop the drawings of the cat facility and that the city council is working to use a small amount of space to solve the issue at the lowest cost.

Noting that the project is expected to begin in January, Dr. Muizzu said that even if cat shelter is said to be built, it is not really a housing project and that an animal facility will be established there and that the facility will also serve other animals.

Male' City Council has previously tried to establish a cat shelter and work is underway without any progress.