Crime surge in Malé City linked to release of convicts without effective monitoring: ACP Shifan

19 Jun 2024 | 23:02
Assistant Commissioner of Police and Spokesperson of Maldives Police Service Ahmed Shifan

Assistant Commissioner of Police and Spokesperson of Maldives Police Service, Ahmed Shifan, has attributed the recent surge in criminal activity in Malé City to the release of 434 convicts from Maldives Correctional Service approximately ten months ago.

In a statement posted on social media platform X, Shifan highlighted the lack of a robust monitoring system for these individuals as a contributing factor to the rising crime rates.

In fact, this is an unfortunate truth. With a large population of 434, released from the MCS before 10 months and a lack of return on investment over time, we are in a serious crisis. And past unplanned projects of infrastructure investments in the law enforcement sector have made it much more difficult to resolve the issue.

ACP Shifan wrote

The Maldives Police Service acknowledged the significant increase in crime rates during a recent press conference, indicating a growing concern over the situation in the capital city.

Recent criminal incidents include a large-scale scam involving vehicles within the Transport Ministry and the theft of Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL)'s Managing Director Ibrahim Shareef Mohamed's vehicle.

Investigations into the latter revealed the existence of a significant vehicle theft network.

Additionally, reports have surfaced regarding men being lured into a flat in Hulhumalé Phase 2 under false pretenses, where they were then held against their will and blackmailed.

Authorities have identified the five individuals involved in this scheme.

The Maldives Police Service is working to address these challenges and restore safety and security in Malé City.