No extra costs for expat island work permits: Minister Ihusaan

18 Jun 2024 | 22:15
Minister of Homeland Security and Technology, Ali Ihusaan (Photo/Voice)

Minister of Homeland Security and Technology, Ali Ihusaan, has confirmed that there will be no additional charges for the island or city-level work permits for expatriate workers.

He said this in a post made on social media platform X today.

He outlined the government's plan to implement an electronic and IT-based solution, enhancing the existing system to facilitate e-registration.

This new system will require workers in the islands to complete an electronic registration process, which must be acknowledged and approved by the respective island or city councils; however, no additional charges are to be taken for this.

There is no discussion of 'additional' charges for the said Island / city level permit. The solution will be an electronic / IT-based solution (additional development to existing system) where workers in Islands will be required to get an e-registration done and acknowledged (approved) by Island / city councils. This implementation is part of the three-year plan to resolve the entire issue of undocumented migrant workers,

 Minister Ihusaan wrote.

His post comes after an interview with Public Service Media on Monday, where Minister Ihusaan announced that the government is working to ensure that expatriates with a general work permit for the Maldives will also need an additional permit for the specific islands where they intend to work.

He noted that once comprehensive biometric data of expatriates is collected, local councils will be granted access to manage this registry efficiently.

The councils can manage the registry once we have 100% biometric data of expatriates

Ihusaan stated.

Addressing the significant issue of undocumented expatriates, the government launched 'Operation Kurangi' in early May.

This comprehensive initiative aims to gather biometric data of migrant workers across the nation, ensuring better management and regulation of expatriate workers.

Minister Ihusaan's remarks underscore the government's commitment to resolving the challenges associated with undocumented migrant workers through technological advancements and enhanced local governance.