Minister Aishath Shiham advocates for national dialogue on declining birth rates

18 Jun 2024 | 20:56
Minister of Social and Family Development, Dr. Aishath Shiham

Minister of Social and Family Development, Dr. Aishath Shiham, has called for a nationwide conversation on the declining birth rates in the Maldives.

In a recent interview on a Public Service Media program, Dr. Shiham emphasized the urgency of addressing this demographic challenge.

This issue is not unique to the Maldives; it is a global concern,

she noted

highlighting that many countries are grappling with a decrease in the number of newborns.

Dr. Aishath Shiham outlined several measures that could be adopted to counteract this trend, including incentives for newborns, welfare programs for families with young children, and support for working parents.

Some countries are developing childcare facilities at workplaces. There should be pathways to ensure that parents who work can have their children taken care of,

Minister said

Minister stressed the need for similar initiatives in the Maldives, advocating for nationwide discussions to explore potential solutions.

She warned that failing to take timely action could adversely affect the nation's development.

Dr. Aishath Shiham's call to action aims to spur comprehensive policy discussions and practical measures to support families and boost birth rates in the Maldives.