Maldives Police Service unveils five-year strategic plan

05 Jun 2024 | 21:56
Commissioner of Police Ali Shujau (Left) and Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusaan (Right) (Photo/ Maldives Police)

Today, the Maldives Police Service (MPS) introduced its strategic plan for the next five years in a special ceremony held at Iskandharu Koshi.

The event was inaugurated by Minister of Homeland Security and Technology, Ali Ihusan, and saw the participation of Commissioner of Police Ali Shujau, Deputy Commissioner of Police Farhad Fikry, along with other executive officers and commissioned officers.

The Homeland Security Ministry has outlined that the new strategic plan will emphasize five critical areas:

- Tackling criminal threats effectivel

- Enhancing community engagement and policing efforts

- Modernizing and upgrading physical infrastructure, technology, and other facilities to improve MPS services

- Promoting effective governance and leadership development

- Ensuring accountability and ethical conduct within the force

The ministry is confident that this comprehensive plan will enhance the agency's ability to serve and meet its objectives over the next five years.

Additionally, the ministry announced the establishment of an anti-scam center aimed at reducing the number of scam victims, as well as a hub dedicated to combating drugs and other serious crimes.

These initiatives are in line with the national strategy to address drug and gang-related crimes.