Whale Submarine ordered to pay MVR 7.7 million to UAE-based company

31 Oct 2022 | 13:27
Whale Submarine

Civil Court has ordered Whale Submarine company to pay U$ 500,0000 (MVR 7.7 million) to a UAE-based company for failing to take the Whale Submarine to World Festival in Saudi Arabia

The UAE's Aventus Group and Whale Submarine company had agreed to take the Whale submarine to the 2019 World Festival in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. However, when UAE's Aventus Group did not take Submarine to the desired date, the company terminated the contract and sued Whale Submarine to raise U$500,000 in advance as well as U$ 654,000 for site survey expenses, interest, and lawyers' fees. 

Responding to the case, the Whale submarine company stated that it had informed Aventus Group that it could not take the submarine on the desired dates due to no vessels being to take the submarine and issue with the submarine. 

The Whale Submarine company stated that it would have refined the advance amount after deducting expenses incurred during the period of the project when submarine operations were suspended. 

The civil court had yesterday ruled that there was no negligence on the part of anyone as the transaction could not be carried out as Jeddah could not get a shipper to take the Submarine and hence the advance amount should be refunded.

The judgment stated that it was not known whether Aventus had accepted Whale Submarine's offer to deduct money from the advance for the period during which the operation had been suspended, and therefore, the amount should be paid in a lump sum.

However, the judgement stated that the cost of surveying the site cannot be taken as an interest and lawyer's fees. Therefore. the ruling directed the Whale submarine company to pay U$ 500,000 to the civil court within two months.