Country has veered off course amid current administration: MDP President Shahid

23 Feb 2024 | 14:21
Former Foreign Minister and MDP's current President Abdullah Shahid in Wednesday night's ceremony

In a candid address during the opening ceremony of the Thimarafushi constituency campaign office on Wednesday night, MDP President and former Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid voiced strong concerns about the current administration, stating that the country has veered off course.

Shahid expressed his determination to mobilize the MDP's "strong yellow army" across the nation, covering the north, south, central Maldives, and Male', with the aim of securing a majority in the upcoming 20th parliamentary elections.

He emphasized the need for a redirection, asserting that the country's current trajectory is flawed.

Wherever we look, we see the country has veered off course. Our party with renewed determination will take the majority in 20th parliamentary .elections and redirect the country

stated Shahid

Acknowledging the leadership of Former President Mohamed Solih, Shahid highlighted the president's genuine and impactful contributions in various capacities, urging members to remember the invaluable works undertaken by Solih.

Addressing local concerns, Shahid also drew attention to outstanding payments owed to fishermen.

He criticized the current administration's handling of the issue, contrasting it with the previous government's efforts during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shahid assumed the MDP presidency on February 21, becoming the sole candidate in the MDP president election.

His remarks reflect a broader sentiment within the party regarding the need for course correction and a renewed focus on addressing the challenges facing the nation.