All past leaders were skeptical about 24-hour monitoring of the Maldives EEZ: Zameer

07 Feb 2024 | 10:12
Moosa Zameer, Minister of Maldives Foreign Affairs

Foreign Minister Moosa Zameer expressed admiration for President Muizzu, stating that he is accomplishing what none of his predecessors believed possible - the round-the-clock monitoring of the Maldives Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Sharing his thoughts at a gathering between Th. Madifushi residents and the President during his visit to Th Atoll, Zameer revealed the disbelief harbored by past leaders about achieving such a feat.

He added that Muizzu's groundbreaking achievement serves as a testament to the self-sufficiency of Maldivians in safeguarding their independence, without relying on external support.

President Muizzu has not only shattered preconceptions but also shown the world that the independence of Maldivians can be preserved by the people themselves. Past leaders often conveyed the notion that critical initiatives required dependence on foreign countries

remarked Foreign Minister Zameer

He underscored President Muizzu's visionary leadership, which has effectively demonstrated to citizens and the global community that Maldives possesses the capability to protect and uphold its independence.

Zameer, in reflecting on President Muizzu's impactful governance, highlighted the swift implementation of strategic measures to safeguard Maldivian independence, with the continuous 24-hour monitoring of Maldivian waters standing out as a remarkable accomplishment achieved in a relatively short timeframe.