President urges parliament coordination in Maldives-China Free Trade Agreement

05 Feb 2024 | 16:07
President Muizzu delivering Presidential address today

President Muizzu, in the presidential address during the 19th Parliament's session today, called upon the parliament to coordinate in the necessary legal procedures as the Maldives prepares to embark on the actions stipulated in the upcoming free trade agreement with China.

Highlighting the anticipated economic and business benefits that will be brought about by the initiation of actions on the Maldives-China free trade agreement, President Muizzu expressed optimism about the positive impact on the nation's economy and businesses.

In his address, he urged parliamentarians to collaborate seamlessly to ensure the smooth execution of all legal proceedings associated with the agreement.

The commencement of actions on the free trade agreement between the Maldives and China will bring multiple benefits to the Maldives economy and businesses. Thus, I hope parliament will cooperate to give full support to the proceedings related to this. Our hope is to make free trade agreements with other countries and start actions on it,

Stated President Muizzu

This call for parliamentary cooperation aligns with the broader vision of the government to enhance economic ties and foster international trade partnerships.

President Muizzu emphasized the importance of coordinated efforts to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the free trade agreement, paving the way for economic growth and development.

It is noteworthy that during the president's recent visit to China, discussions centered around the multitude of investment opportunities and development prospects.

The free trade agreement is seen as a strategic move to strengthen bilateral relations and expand economic collaboration between the Maldives and China.