Relations with India should not change despite different foreign policy: Nasheed

25 Nov 2023 | 22:05
Nasheed speaks in parliament--Photo: Parliament

The new government has pursued a different foreign policy but it should not change the relationship between Maldives and India, former President of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has said.

Nasheed said this in an interview with 'Ani', a news agency in New Delhi, India.

"I know there was some talk of withdrawing Indian troops from Maldives, but I don't think this is a way to benefit the people of Maldives" Nasheed said.

In addition, Nasheed said that he spoke about this issue in Parliament and he believes that the relationship between Maldives  and India will become stronger day by day in the future. The new government will understand the difficulties that will be faced by Maldives if relations with India weaken, he said.

Nasheed has been speaking in defense of India. Speaking at the 24th session of the third session of the Parliament, he said the budget is entirely based on foreign funds and therefore it is not right to insult India.

And it would not be good for the people to act against India, he said recently.