Supreme court concludes hearings of MDP's case over no-confidence motion

08 Nov 2023 | 11:19
Judge Mahaz Ali Zahir

The Supreme Court has concluded hearings of the petition filed by MDP over the stalled no-confidence motion at the parliament against the Speaker of the Parliament, former President Mohamed Nasheed.

During this trial Majlis SG proposed 4 solutions to address Nasheed no-confidence motion through parliament. Parliament Secretary General Fathimath Niusha has stated in Supreme Court that there are four possible solutions for the no confidence motion against Speaker Mohamed Nasheed through the legislative system.

The first solution she proposed was to allow,  the General Committee of the Parliament shall, on its own initiative, decide on an amendment to the regulations and submit it to the parliament floor. .

The second option was moving an amendment to regulations as a motion under article 249 (B) of the parliament's regulation even though  this could be time-consuming.

She stated that the third path to take would be An ordinary member moving a resolution to amend the regulations of the parliament under Article 167 of the regulations. The parliament has requested the Deputy Speaker to place the resolution on the agenda.

The last possible solution is, in accordance with Article 250 of the Regulations, for the parliament to reach a decision on how to proceed with the manner as there is no clear instruction on how to proceed if the Deputy Speaker fails to preside over a Speaker's no-confidence motion.

The Lawyer representing MDP,  Ahmed Abdulla Afeef stated in court that under the current circumstances, MDP believes that the no-confidence motion against Nasheed has to be the first item on the agenda even for the Presidential Inauguration scheduled on November 17.

Representatives of both parties MDP and PPM agreed that this is an issue with the rules and regulations maintained in parliament.

During this trial the democrats stated that the supreme court cannot change the rules of parliament as that will be supreme court interfering in maintaining rules and regulations of the parliament.   

Judge Mahaz Ali Zahir said at the conclusion of the hearings that unless further information needs to be sought, the next hearing would be to issue a verdict on the case.