President-elect Dr Muizz meets with British envoy in his first-ever foreign diplomat meeting.

04 Oct 2023 | 16:43
President-elect Mohamed Muizz meets with British Ambassor.

President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu had his first-ever foreign diplomat meeting with British High Commissioner Caron Röhsler on Thursday. The meeting marks a shift in international relations for the Maldives, as Muizzu is seen as sympathetic to China's interests in the country and less favorably disposed towards India, the Maldives' giant neighbor and traditional security and economic partner.

Muizzu's meeting with the British envoy comes ahead of his meeting with the Chinese envoy, which is scheduled to take place after his meeting with the Indian envoy. 

The meeting started around 8:55 a.m. on Thursday at Muizzu's home in Male' City, Dhimyath along with Vice President-elect Hussain Mohamed Latheef (Sembe). 

Muizzu had earlier claimed that numerous foreign officials had asked to meet with him while the transition was still in progress. He promised to conduct meetings in a way that complied with the law.

Tuesday during his victory speech, Muizzu referred to the incoming administration's foreign policy as being "pro-Maldives." He declared that his administration would work to improve ties with all foreign leaders who adhere to the strategy.

A runoff election for president was held on Saturday, and Muizzu of the opposition PPM-PNC won with 54 percent over the incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Muizzu will take the oath of office on November 17.