President Solih to back President-elect Dr. Muizzu in parliament

04 Oct 2023 | 16:01
President Solih meets with President elect Muiz

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced that he will support President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's government in parliament.

During a meeting held at Imaduddin School on Tuesday night by MDP, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih stated that the government's current top priority is to secure a smooth transfer of power. 

I can tell you that we will handle it appropriately and provide the new government all the assistance it needs to function. Tonight, I give the newly elected administration my word that we would support them in whatever the parliament needs to do to get it started.

Said President Solih

He asserted that while one must accept victory and failure in elections, one must not stand quiet after losing them. Instead, he advised becoming a powerful opposition party because eventually, the public will come to accept what this government has done and begin expressing these things.

"The false rumors that caused the failure will be exposed. The next goal is to win the legislature, and we'll work to put the party in charge in 2028,

Said Solih

He asserted that both the presidential and parliamentary systems have advantages and disadvantages. He stated that he prefers the presidential system and that, in the event that a systemic vote is required, he will use his influence to make sure it is conducted.