Commonwealth Observer group praises the election commission of the Maldives

02 Oct 2023 | 18:06
Election voting

The Commonwealth Group of Observers has praised the Maldivian Election Commission for putting some of its first-round voting recommendations into practice.

The Commonwealth Observer Group stated that it was impressed with how the election commission made an effort to improve the process. According to some of the recommendations, the protection of safe guarding the confidentiality of the ballot included moving some polling stations to larger facilities and modifying the voting booths. H.E Danny Faure, the former President of the Republic of Seychelles and the Chair of the Commonwealth Group, read out the interim statement of the group at a press conference held at the nation's capital, Malé'.

“Voter verification was yet again well managed during this election. We also observed the changes introduced in relation to applying indelible ink to the voters. The additional ballot boxes at some polling stations significantly improved queue management and led to a smooth process.”

The statement also expressed appreciation for Maldivians living in the UK, where the Commonwealth launched its first-ever diaspora voting monitoring mission. It stated that polling was carried out in accordance with guidelines and with a high level of professionalism and transparency.

Overall, the Group found that the second round of the Presidential Election was orderly and transparent, and it commended the Maldivians for their dedication to their nation's democratic system.

The final report outlining the group's full findings on the whole election process and making recommendation for considerations will be shared with the Maldivian government, election commission, political parities and government of the Commonwealth before its made published.