President Solih increases pressure on JP leader Qasim Ibrahim

15 Sep 2023 | 14:45
Qasim and Solih

According to sources on Sun Island, President Solih has allegedly increased pressure on Qasim Ibrahim, leader of the Jumooree Party.  

President Solih visited Sun Island on Wednesday to discuss the formation of a coalition with the Qasim Jumooree Party. A source has claimed JP leader Qasim Ibrahim has been put under immense pressure by President Solih and Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid. It is rumoured that Foreign Minister Shahid and Solih are attempting to convince Qasim the agreement with India proposes no threats to the Maldives. 

It is believed these discussion is taking place with Solih's team and Qasim's campaign team, which comprise his running mate Dr Ameen Ibrahim, Former Ambassador Iruthisham Ibrahim and MP Hussain Ibrahim.

According to sources, the discussion focused on the risks of Dr. Muizz being elected president. Solih and Shahid asserted that former President Yameen's release following the election could pose a massive threat to Qasim and Solih. 

It's been reported that President Solih has returned to Male' today leaving behind Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid and his team to put massive pressure to the point of depletion. 

However, sources claim that Qasim Ibrahim has not given the green light to go ahead in join the coalition and has not agreed yet to the teams proposed by Solih.