PPM loses Parliament minority with Democrats registration

14 Jul 2023 | 08:04

PPM loses the position of minority in People's Parliament with the registration of 'The Democrats' party.

Since the beginning of the current presidency PPM has been maintaining the position of minority in the parliament.

However with the registration of 'The democrats', a party formed by members who support the Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, has the second highest number of Parliament members.

The 13 parliament members of The Democrats include:

-Member of West Henveyru constituency Hassan Latheef

-Member of North Galolhu constituency Eva Abdullah

-Member of Central Henveyru constituency Ali Azim

-Member of North Maafannu constituency Imthiyaz Fahmy

-Member of Central Maafannu constituency Ibrahim Rasheed

-Member of North Kulhudhuffushi constituency Yasir Abdul Latheef

-Member of Ungoofaaru constituency Mohamed Waheed

-Member of Thoddoo constituency Hassan Shiyan

-Member of Hulhudhoo constituency Ilyaas Labeeb

-Member of North Mahchangolhi constituency Mohamed Rasheed

-Member of Vilifushi constituency Hassan Afeef

-Member of Madaveli constituency Hussain Firushan

-Member of Gadhdhoo constituency Ahmed Zahir

In addition to these members, Member of constituency Ahmed Rasheed as well as the Speaker himself will be joining the party tomorrow night, with a ceremony to mark the occasion.

Thereafter the total number of Democrats members in the Parliament will rise to 15.