Employees of JMC company on strike again!

12 Jul 2023 | 08:21
JMC employees protesting

Employees of JMC who are constructing flats in Hulhumale' has begun protesting once again.

Whilst speaking to 'Voice' a protestor explained that the main reason they had to come out and protest was due to negligence of the higher ups in providing proper food and medical treatment.

They stated that the vegetable brought for them to prepare food are badly damaged and that medical treatment is not provided to the employees when they get sick. 

They highlighted that when they expressed their dissatisfaction and complained, they were beaten up by the person in charge as well as the engineer.

It has been two days since JMC employees began protesting about the deprivation of their basic rights to proper food and medical treatment.

Even prior to this, employees of JMC had protested due to not being paid their wages and lack of provision of proper food.