Opposition condemns Police for arresting a bystander using excessive force

11 Jul 2023 | 12:38
A person being arrested in an opposition protest

The Progressive Congress Coalition has strongly condemned the unlawful and excessive use of force by Maldives Police Service in arresting a bystander.

A press statement released by the opposition regarding this stated that yesterday afternoon, a bystander was brutally arrested by the Police while he was travelling with his child, leaving the child vulnerable and alone in the road.

They noted that the justification for the arrest by the Police was that the individual "photographed" the police brutality in arresting the opposition protestors calling out to free their presidential candidate, former President Abdulla Yameen.

They highlighted that this marked another dark chapter under the current administration as police continues to operate with absolute impunity and disregard for civil and constitutional liberties.

Hence, the opposition called for all relevant independent institutions to investigate this brutal violation rights and use of disproportionate force by the Police.

The opposition further highlighted the approach of the critical juncture of the presidential election, stating that the Maldives is seeing unprecedented democratic backsliding as the current adminostration continues to dismantle the democratic system in the Maldives.

Hence, they urged the international community and watchdogs to inquire into this brutality and to ensure that such actions by the state are held accountable to ensure the continued stability of the nation.