The color and logo for The Democrats have been approved

07 Jul 2023 | 10:22
During the ceremony held last night

The color and logo for the newly formed party "The Democrats" have been approved.

The ceremony held to highlight the formation of the party began at 21:00 last night with more than the lawfully required 300 participants.

The party's founder and member of west henveiru constituency Hassan Latheef stated that the number of members attending the ceremony exceeded 500.

The party's name "The Democrats" and the symbolical name "Democrats" was approved by unanimous vote of 481 members.

Democrats emblem and logo represents the Maldivian coconut palm tree and the corals of the Maldivian ocean. The party's flag includes its color, blue, as well as its logo.

In the ceremony held last night, members of the opposition parties, PPM, MNP, MRM and JP participated as well.