"India Out" banner was by government provocateur; We don't condone that: The Democrats

03 Jun 2023 | 22:24
"India Out" banner held at last night's rally---picture: Voice

The Democrats have accused the Government of Maldives of sending an agent provocateur to hold an "India Out" banner at last night's rally organized by "Etihad Against Selling Territorial Waters" group.

In the rally last night, a group of young people had worn white t-shirts with "India out" written on it and held a banner with the same slogan.

A press statement released by The Democrats regarding this stated that they strongly condemn the dirty, cheap tricks to try and divert the intention of the rally held by all opposition political parties, and that they believe the Government was behind sending an agent provocateur with an "India Out" banner.

Additionally The Democrats stated that they strongly condemn this duplicitous act to try and portray last night's rally as an event against any of their international partners as they will under no circumstances associate with such a movement, singularly against any of the neighboring or international partners.

They used this opportunity to assert that their foreign policy will be aligned closely with neighboring and international countries, with whom they share the most fundamental principles of democracy.

The Democrats also used the opportunity to affirm their gratitude for the international partners; and neighbors who have played an invaluable in helping bring democracy to the Maldives and continue to be the leading development partners for the people of Maldives.

They further highlighted that the rally was a gathering of all opposition parties, and key actors coming together to condemn the incumbent President Solih and his administration's underhanded and secretive dealings over the delimitation of the sea territory between the Maldives and Chagos as well as lack of transparency and consultancy with any stakeholder's, including the Parliament, and especially the Maldivian citizens in the selling out of what was partly a Maldives' ocean territory.

Additionally, they highlighted the Government continues to refuse to disclose a secret letter the President sent to Mauritius in ceding  the territory.

Hence, The Democrats stated that they will continue to work with all major stakeholders, including other political parties on the unlawful, treacherous ceding of Maldives' waters by Solih administration, and work on all legal avenues to reclaim the territory back for the people of Maldives.