BML Islamic as the main sponsor for 'Resort League 2023'

30 May 2023 | 22:28
Ismail Mufeed, public relations for Resort League and Farih Fahmy (business development and strategic development) from BML Islamic

BML Islamic has signed as the main sponsor for the biggest sports event in the Maldives tourism industry, ‘Resort League 2023’.

In the signing ceremony held for the main sponsor, Ismail Mufeed (Bille), public relations for 'Resort League 2023' signed from Big Game Maldives, while Farih Fahmy (business development and strategic development) signed from Bml Islamic.

While speaking to 'Voice' on behalf of BML Islamic, Farih stated that BML Islamic bank is the most extensive islamic banking service provider in Maldives under Shariah compliant principles. And that these services are provided in different regions of Maldives within international standards, and are formulated in accordance with the advice and guidance of the bank's Shariah advisors.

Services of BML Islamic are available in all the branches of BML, ATM and POS terminals and BML's internet and mobile banking.  These specialised services such as BML Islamic's current, saving and investment accounts are available to both citizens and businesses.

In addition, housing purposes such as construction of buildings, flats in any area of Maldives, apartments and raw houses can be financed by BML Islamic. Cash and property can also be taken upto 1.2 million through BML Islamic's personal financing. The application for this service can be done online through BML internet banking and mobile banking.

Moreover, BML Islamic finances business start ups, cover running costs as well as other Shariah permitted expenses. It also provides the only islamic overdraft financing under Shariah compliant principles, and cash financing for business costs.

Farih further highlighted that Resort League is the largest futsal competition held in Maldives targeting resort staff, and that it’s a sport loved by many people. Hence, Bml Islamic hopes that this competition will be an opportunity for the resort workers to show their skills and that it was a pleasure for BML Islamic to receive the opportunity to become a sponsor partner for this competition.