Matcon as the Official Sustainability Partner for 'Resort League 2023'

29 May 2023 | 08:30
Ismail Mufeed, public relations for Resort League and Abdulla Miuvaan Shareef, Director of Finance from Matcon

Matcon has signed as the Official Sustainability Partner  for the biggest sports event in the Maldives tourism industry, ‘Resort League 2023’.

In the signing ceremony held for the sustainability partner, Ismail Mufeed (Bille), public relations for 'Resort League 2023' signed from Big Game Maldives, while Abdulla Miuvaan Shareef, the Director of Finance signed from Matcon.

While speaking to 'Voice', Miuvaan stated that Matcon was formed in 2019 with the purpose of providing engineering consultation services in Maldives. The services provided by this company includes conducting research on a permanent solution for beach erosion in different islands of Maldives, and preparing designs based off on the research.

In addition, the company also prepares conditional assessment of the over water structure of the resorts in Maldives, along with detailed reports on how to repair and protect these structures for a long duration and provides project management consultancy required to implement these projects.

One of the most important reasons for the formation of Matcon is to replace the infrastructure of inhabited islands and resorts as well as the temporary works done to protect the beaches.

Instead, Matcon aims to find a permanent solution for these issues through experienced engineers, reduce the negative impact on the environment due to these works and reduce useless expenses.

Miuvaan also highlighted that the target of Matcon is to ensure that the solutions provided by the company is environment friendly and is the most beneficial and most appropriate to the service recipient.