Ooredoo Maldives as the official digital partner for 'Resort League 2023'

29 May 2023 | 08:08
Ismail Mufeed, public relations for Resort League and Mariyam Falak, the Brand Manager for Ooredoo

Ooredoo Maldives has signed as the official digital partner for the biggest sports event in the Maldives tourism industry, ‘Resort League 2023’.

In the signing ceremony held for the official digital partner, Ismail Mufeed (Bille), public relations for 'Resort League 2023' signed from Big Game Maldives, while Mariyam Falak, the Brand Manager signed from Ooredoo Maldives.

While speaking to 'Voice', Falak stated that the main reason Ooredoo joined as the digital partner for Resort League was due to this being the largest futsal competition held in Maldives targeting the workers in resort industry, as well as to connect with these people through this competition as futsal is currently one of the most popular sports in Maldives.

Major resorts of Maldives participated in the Resort League futsal competition, started in 2013. In last year’s competition 52 teams participated while 101 matches were played. These matches were live streamed on social media.

Similarly in this this year’s competition, set to start on May 15, more than 100 matches will be played, with all the matches live streamed.

The competition will last for four months. It will be divided into 8 zones with each competition being held in the same resort.

In addition, the player selected as Man of the Match will receive an award as well as cash prize.

Moreover, the champion teams of this year’s Resort League will automatically receive a spot in Resort Super League, that starts this year after a long wait, with a large amount of cash prizes.