Resort League 2023: Kurumba to quarterfinal with last minute goal that tied the score!

29 May 2023 | 07:23
In the match played by Kurumba and Oblu X

Kurumba has secured a spot in quarterfinals despite an even score of 2-2 in the second match of Group 'D' in Resort League 2023, the largest sports event in the Maldives tourism industry.

In the match played yesterday evening, a fierce play was seen by both the teams, Kurumba and Oblu X.

The first goal was made by Oblu X in the second minute of first half by player Abdullah Ajeeth. This goal was scored with a low pass made by one of Oblu X players right into the penalty area for Kurumba, then sent straight into the completely empty goal by Ajeeth.

Before the ending of first half Oblu X took the lead with an additional goal made by the team's player Abdullah Ashfaq. This goal was scored by taking advantage of a blunder made by Kurumba's goal keeper. Hence the first half ended with a score of 0-2 with Kurumba in the lead.

While Oblu X had the opportunity to proceed to quarterfinals by winning this match, Kurumba had the same chance by scoring a draw.

In the second half of the match, Kurumba improved their play and renewed hope with a goal made early on. This goal was scored in the second minute of second half by the team's player Abdullah Ahil Ali. He scored this by intercepting a goal from Oblu X's half and aiming it straight for the corner of the goal.

The goal that evened the match result was made in the last minute of the second half by Kurumba's player Mohamed Imthiyaz.  This goal was scored by him through a free kick given from Oblu X's half, then made over Oblu X's empty goal line.

With this goal the match ended with a draw of 2-2.

Goalkeeper for Oblu X Abdulla Shafee was selected as the Man of The Match.

With a point scored from this match, both teams had a total of 4 points each. However Kurumba placed second for Group 'D' and qualified for quarterfinals by a margin of advantage. Kurumbaa earned 3 goals of advantage while Oblu X had 2 goals.

17 teams participated and were divided into 4 groups in this year's Resort League’s North Male’ zone. The teams that earns the best results from each group will secure a place in the quarterfinals.

The matches for this zone is being played in One and Only Reethi Rah with 5 teams in Group A and 4 teams in each of the remaining 3 groups.