Maldives Housekeepers Association sends 23 participants to "Principles of Clean" program in Mumbai

12 May 2023 | 18:18
Maldives Housekeepers Association

The Maldives Housekeepers Association (MHA), an esteemed organization dedicated to enhancing the standards of housekeeping within resorts, is organizing a significant program in Mumbai, India. As a result, a group of 23 participants has embarked on their journey to attend this event.

The program organized by the Housekeepers Association in Mumbai is titled "Principles of Clean."

During an interview with "Voice," the General Secretary of the Association emphasized that the "Principles of Clean" program was specifically designed to cater to the needs of executive housekeepers and laundry managers.

As per the Housekeepers Association, the ongoing program in India, attended by 23 participants representing the association, aims to deliver comprehensive insights into laundry and housekeeping-related matters.

The program intends to cover topics such as the intricacies of chemical usage, as well as an in-depth understanding of fabrics commonly employed in housekeeping operations.

"We are identifying the current issues these participants are facing at the resorts and then going to Mumbai with these issues. Insha Allah, we will have a solution for all those issues by the time we come back."

- General Secretary of the house keeping association

According to the Housekeeping Association, the "Principles of Cleaning" program, taking place in Mumbai, will provide valuable and extensive information to individuals employed in the housekeeping industry. The program aims to equip participants with a wide range of knowledge and insights relevant to their roles in the field of housekeeping.

The Association further emphasized the significance of participation in events such as these, stating that it is highly essential for individuals working in the housekeeping industry to take part in such programs. The program can provide a unique opportunity to enhance their skills, knowledge and learn about the latest trends and techniques in the field of housekeeping, which can be beneficial for their professional growth.

The Housekeeping Association is the sole association in Maldives established with the purpose of promoting and advancing the field of housekeeping within the country's resorts. Although it was founded in 2008, the association officially obtained its registration as an organized entity in 2021.

This association as enabled Maldivian resort workers to attend international seminars, forums, and events, fostering professional development. Moreover, the association has represented the Maldives in global tourism platforms, promoting its industry achievements.