Pakistan High Commission in Male' observes Kashmir Solidarity Day

06 Feb 2023 | 06:37
Kashmir Solidarity Day is observed on February 5, 2023, by the Pakistan High Commission in the Maldives. (Image via Pakistan High Commission)

The Pakistan Commission in the Maldives on Sunday held a ceremony to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day in Male' city.

The occasion was held to reaffirm support for Kashmiris in their fight for self-determination in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The ceremony was attended by both the Pakistanis and Maldivians. 

The event began with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by the opening remarks by Deputy High Commissioner Zulqurnain Ahmad and the national anthem of Pakistan Azad Jammu and Kashmir played during the beginning of the ceremony. A short documentary was also regarding Kashmir. 

On the occasion, His excellency Deputy High Commission Zulqurnain highlighted the struggles of Kashmir and noted they are not fighting for a piece of land but for the peace of soul.  He further noted attaining the legitimate rights to self-determination and highlighted rights promised by India and the international community. 

According to Zulqurnain, the United Nations Commission on India and Pakistan passed a resolution on January 5, 1949, that ensured a fair and impartial referendum in Jammu and Kashmir. However, he explained that those agreements have not been upheld for the past 75 years.

Pakistan High Commissioner Vice Admiral (retired) Muhammad Fayyaz Gilani also spoke on the occasion and noted the rights being violated in Kashmir.

His excellency retired Muhammad Fayyaz Gilani claimed that the 4th Geneva Convention and other international laws were being violated by the attack on the district identity and culture of Kashmiris caused by population shifts and economic marginalization. He further expressed support for the people of Kashmir during his speech. 

Pakistan will continue to provide moral, diplomatic, and political support to its Kashmiri brothers and sisters in their just cause until their right to self-determination is realized.

Vice Admiral (retired) Muhammad Fayyaz Gilani Said His Excellency 

Vice Admiral (retired) Muhammad Fayyaz Gilani also urged the Muslim ummah to provide support and a bigger part in helping to resolve the long-running dispute.

The ceremony came to a close with special prayers for Kashmir's martyrs and prayers for Kashmir's freedom.