Action will be taken against those who indulged in vote rigging and the observers must be released: Nasheed

28 Jan 2023 | 19:45
Ballot Boxes

President Mohamed has called for the release of his observers and stated that he would take action against those trying to manipulate the votes in today's presidential primary. 

As vote counting for the presidential primary is underway across the country, several violent clashes have been reported at several polling stations across the Maldives. Several observations at several voting places emphasized reports of damaged vote boxes and fighting that took place there.

Police were also dispatched to these polling stations over the following clashes. Police have also detained two people from Rathafandhoo and one person from Thinadhoo for destroying ballot boxes.

In response to these actions, President Nasheed stated his observers have been detained and called for the immediate release of these observers. He further stated that he will take action against those who rigged the votes. 

Several observers and supporters on my behalf near some polling booths have been arrested by the police. We demand their immediate release and action against those indulging in voter fraud,

Said Eva Abdulla

The People's Majlis' deputy speaker and a member of Nasheed's campaign team, Eva Abdulla, confirmed that Nasheed's observers were for the arrests. Several supporters of President Nasheed also claimed that votes have been rigged.