Opposition leadership meets with Bangladeshi High Commissioner

27 Jan 2023 | 21:20
Opposition leadership meets with Bangladeshi High Commissioner

Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) leadership on Thursday met with the Bangladeshi High Commissioner in the Maldives to discuss the imprisonment of Former President Abdullah Yameen. 

The opposition leadership is working to gain support from various diplomats and international organisations to gain attention to what they consider a politically driven judgement against Former President Yameen. 

According to PNC MP Saeed, the opposition is doing everything the party can to ensure that President Yameen is freed. Yameen was given an 11-year prison term by the Criminal Court last month. However, many political analysts believe that the administration is trying to get rid of a potential political competitor. 

The opposition party has made a number of attempts to secure international backing for Yameen's release, including a meeting with the Bangladeshi High Commissioner. Human rights groups and other nations have expressed concern over the Maldives situation and called for an impartial and open justice system. This brings to light the continuous political unrest in the Maldives and emphasizes how crucial it is to establish a reasonable and fair legal system for all citizens.

Opposition leadership has been working around the clock to gain international support regarding the recent sentencing of Former President Yameen. The party has stated that it would be working around having Former President Yameen released.