PPM meets with ACC over state assets being used for winning the elections

23 Jan 2023 | 16:57
Opposition coalition leadership speaking with media. Picture: PPM

Opposition Coalition leadership meets with Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) over the state funds and assets being utilised to win an internal elections. 

Speaking to the media, Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam Mohamed claimed that the government has exploited public resources to win the election. He went on to explain that the current president has been adding more political jobs and is hiring activists on a contract basis. He added that it is quite concerning to use this kind of authority to sway an internal election.

Shiyam stated these temporary jobs are being created against the company's policies to just gain support.  He further pointed out embassy jobs as a major concern. 

If you look specially at the embassies aboard , there is no single table or a place to sit to do work and they have created several posts and just giving them tons of posts while the people suffer

Said MP Shiyam 

He further explained that none of the salaries have been increased for a normal employee and people are still suffering during these times with the price hikes. 

MP for Maavashu Consistency Mohamed Saeed also raised concern over islands being leased at a cheaper price during these economic downturns. He further stated that the government is just selling off islands like as if they are giving in basket. 

Previously, Opposition leaders and Former President Yameen has also raised concern over the economic situation and how the country's debt.