Former President Yameen's trial report reveals that the verdict was finalised without proper research: President Yameen's Lawyer

21 Jan 2023 | 13:05
President Yameen's lawyer Shiyaz - Photo: Sun

Former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom's lawyers have revealed the report shows that President Yameen has been sentenced to 11 years in prison without proper research. 

President Yameen's Lawyer have expressed concern over the serious lapses in the December 25th verdict against President Yameen and the report has shows the was concluded 

Shiyaz, the attorney for President Yameen, said in a tweet that the admissibility of the evidence in a case determines whether a claim is proven or unproven. Maybe the judge (the trial judge) doesn't view it that way, he said, in his statement.

However, Shiyaz stated while reviewing the report on how the island's case was decided they found that the reason for the verdict has not been stated. He pointed out that even appeals were most difficult because the report did not mention them. 

Shiyaz further said that the investigation of the charges against President Yameen in connection with the island's transaction and how the judge referred to these information raises the question of whether the judge has examined the charges, the evidence presented and what was revealed in the trial.

President Yameen's legal team has said that they will appeal to the High Court this week. The legal team also said that kafala's will also be filed when the appeal is filed. They have also been saying that they are confident that President Yameen will be released from the high court proceedings.