President Yameen's right to appeal has been curtailed by the government: Zain Yameen

12 Jan 2023 | 22:09
Zain Yameen

Former President Yameen's eldest son Zain Abdul Yameen has stated that the government is blocking Former President Yameen's right to appeal by withholding case documents. 

In a tweet, Former President Yameen's son Zain Abdul Yameen alleged that the government was behind the action and stated that endorsing its undemocratic action. 

The Criminal Court on 25 December sentenced President Yameen to prison after finding him guilty of two counts of accepting bribes and money laundering in connection with the lease deal. 

However, Yameen's supporters have claimed that the verdict is highly political. 

Speaking to reporters after the trial, Yameen's lawyers said they would appeal against the criminal court's verdict in the High Court. The legal team also pointed out that the necessary documents were not yet provided to file an appeal. 

Referring to this, President Yameen's son Zain stated that while the right to appeal the lower court's verdict in a higher court is a fundamental right of every citizen, the government is blocking president Yameen's right. Zain explained the government's influence on the issue was shameful and hypocritical

Zayn added that justice delayed is justice denied. 

President Yameen has been sentenced to 11 years in prison by the Criminal Court and is the party's presidential candidate.

The opposition has been staging a series of protests against him, calling the verdict a "Haran Hukum". Yameen's supporters have been raising slogans across the country demanding his release.