MDP releases its voters list

04 Jan 2023 | 05:45
President Nasheed and President Solih, Source: Asiatimes

The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has released its voter's list for the upcoming MDP Presidential Primary. 

The list will provide details of eligible voters within the party. The list was made public after addressing all complaints submitted to the temporary list issued last year in December. 

It has been revealed that during this process, a total of 459 were removed from the list. The previous list showed a total of 57,714 as eligible, which is a much smaller amount than the almost 93,000 members who were qualified to cast a ballot in the internal elections that were held back in May of last year.

After the chairperson's election, Over 39,000 members were eliminated after the chairwoman was chosen in an effort to bring the party's membership register into line with the register of the Elections Commission.

Nasheed claims that this is an effort to rig the future election. However, MDP’s deputy chairperson Ibrahim Waheed (Iburey) denied these allegations stating that only members of other parties were removed.

The upcoming MDP Presidential Primary is scheduled for 28th January with President Nasheed and President Solih contesting the election.