Oil spill near Izzudheen Jetty pollutes the Male' city's Jetty area

01 Jan 2023 | 17:35
Oil Spill near Jetty

Maldivian Coast Guard, Maldives National Defence Force and Maritime Rescue Coordination Center are working tirelessly to remove the black oil spill near Izzudheen Jetty. It has been reported that black oil has been near the walls of jetty number 3

The oil spill was reported to Maritime Rescue Coordination Center around 0910 hours. A large quantity of crude oil has been spreading between the official jetty (Izzudheen Jetty) and near jetty number 3. 

Upon receipt of this information, Male' Area Cost Guard Squadron, Male' Area Marine Police and Male' City Council joined the coast guard troops in collecting the black oil from the jetty waters. 

Providing further details, Maldives National Defence Force stated that they are still extracting the crude oil from the Jetty. 

In addition, efforts are underway to neutralise the crude oil from spreading across the area.