Maldives first-ever restaurant with "robot waiter" set to open next year

27 Dec 2022 | 04:43
Rafiuddin is next to the robotic waiter of Ocean Bubbles.

The Maldives' first-ever restaurant with robot waiters is set to open next year in January. 

The restaurant named " Ocean Bubble" is set to open in the capital city of Male' at the former headquarters of Oroedoo on the east side of Majeedhee Magu. 

According to the owner of "Ocean Bubble" Rafiuddin, the restaurant would use similar robots used in other developed countries. 

The restaurant is set to employ robotic waiters similar to the most technologically advanced countries and restaurant waiter services would be provided by robots with a smile and thank you. 

Said Rafiuddin

Rafiu also stated this is the second "Ocean Bubble" cafe. The first "Ocean Bubble" was opened at Hulhmale's beachside a year ago.

The restaurant has stated that it is set to offer varieties of coffee with novel new flavors and would serve coffee from small-batch roasters. The restaurant has also stated that the menu of the restaurant would be available online for their customers over the past years.