Summary report of Former President Yameen's sentencing released

26 Dec 2022 | 19:50
Opposition leader Yameen

The criminal court on Monday released the summary report on Former and Opposition President Abdulla Yameen's verdict, despite the opposition's protest over the delays in getting the report. 

Opposition leader Yameen was found guilty of taking bribes and money laundering while in power through the lease of Vaavu atoll Aarah. He will serve an 11-years prison sentence and was asked to pay U$ 5 million in fines.  

Today, the opposition coalition issued a statement urging the Supreme Court to ensure the court upholds justice and liberty. and to make sure that verdicts report publicly so that they can file an appeal. However, the Criminal court did not confirm that the report had been made public this afternoon. 

His legal counsel has stated that they will take the jail term up for review in higher courts.

The decision of Yameen was broadcast live on YouTube. While it wasn't accessible for a while today, it is now open to the public.

Yusuf Naeem, a former Felidhoo MP, was found guilty of bribing Yameen and received a sentence of three years, two months, and twelve days in prison. Yusuf Naeem and Yameen are both now being held in Maafushi Prison.