Jail will not silence this voice, my determination will not waver: Former President Yameen

24 Dec 2022 | 14:11
Former President Yameen at the rally speaking. Source: PPM

Opposition leader and Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom have stated that his voice cannot be silenced even if he is jailed and his determination will not waver. 

Speaking at the 'Fellalai' rally organised by the opposition. Yameen highlighted that the Indian government's influence is all over the country and stated that if the Indian Prime Minister wanted him in jail he could be jailed again. 

Yameen also stated that although this maybe the case his voice could not be silenced and his mind could not be changed. 

If Modi wants to, I could go to jail the next day, not tomorrow. But I cannot be silenced. I will not change my mind.

Said Former President Yameen

Yameen further explained that people have lost confidence in the movement and if people are given the chance they will change this movement. 

He further noted that people need to know what's going on in the government and stated that if PPM comes to power he will investigate all corruption cases. Yameen also explained that he will reveal all corruption and further question the movement of the protection given to the Former VP Adeeb.