Maldives can become net zero with the help of the EU countries: Minister Shauna

24 Nov 2022 | 19:48
Minister Shauna, Source: Ministry of Environment

Environment Minister Aiminath Shauna has stated that efforts to make the Maldives a net-zero nation by 2030 can only be successful with the help of EU member states.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the EU-Maldives Business Round Table talks at Hotel Jen this morning, Shauna said the Maldives is in a critical situation due to climate change.

Minister Shauna pointed out that the global temperature was currently hovering around 1.1 Degrees Celsius and noted that it significantly impacted the country's environment. Shuna pointed out that the Maldives is facing problems such as a lack of access to clean waters and the extinction of marine life. 

The Minister warned that if action is not taken to combat climate change, temperatures might climb by 1.5 degrees Celsius worldwide in the following eight years. Shauna pointed out the importance of investing in renewable energy generation, biodiversity and disposable waste efforts to combat global climate change.

Solar technology is now commonly used in Maldives to generate renewable energy. There is also interest in bringing other renewable energy technologies to the Maldives and finding entrepreneurs who will invest in them.

Explained Minister Shauna 

Minister Shauna stated that since the country is small it would be easier to set up facilities. The Minister stated that the country is a good 'laboratory' to test new technologies. 

Shauna also said that the Maldives is aiming to become the country of Net Rezo by 2030 and stated that without any assistance the Maldives can only achieve 26 per cent. Shauna also stated the Maldives needs assistance from EU countries to make the country net-zero.