Operation Kurangi gathers data from 532 Immigrants in Anti-Illegal Immigration drive

12 May 2024 | 04:34
Minister of Homeland Security and Technology, Ali Ihusaan during the inaugural ceremony of Operation Kurangi on May 2, 2024 (Photo/Sun)

Minister of Homeland Security and Technology, Ali Ihusaan, disclosed that Operation Kurangi has gathered data on more than 532 immigrants as part of the government's efforts to tackle illegal immigration in the Maldives.

The announcement was made through post by the minister on social media platform X.

Commencing its inaugural phase on May 2nd in Himmafushi, Kaafu Atoll, Operation Kurangi incorporates biometric identification measures to identify undocumented immigrants, facilitating their deportation through coordinated endeavors with respective embassies.

Minister Ihusaan elaborated plans to expand operations to five additional areas nationwide simultaneously in the near future, expressing gratitude to the Himmafushi Island Council for their cooperation.

During the operation's launch, Minister Ihusaan delineated its objectives, aiming to resolve the illegal immigration issue within a three-year timeframe.

The ministry will initially focus on collecting data, including fingerprints, photographs, and other relevant information of all foreign residents in the Maldives over the span of a year.

Operation Kurangi underscores the government's commitment to addressing illegal immigration effectively.