Minister Faisal affirms Maldives' open invitation to Indian tourists amid decline in visits

07 May 2024 | 23:43
Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal (Photo/MMPRC)

In an interview with the Press Trust of India (PTI) on Monday at the Arabian Travel Market (ATM) fair in Dubai, Tourism Minister Ibrahim Faisal expressed a steadfast commitment to welcoming Indian tourists to the Maldives.

Despite a notable decline of 42.2% in Indian tourist arrivals during the first four months of the year, Minister Faisal emphasized the enduring historic ties between the Maldives and India and expressed hopes for strengthening this relationship further.

Earlier this year, the Maldives faced challenges in Indian tourist arrivals following derogatory remarks made by three high-ranking government officials on social media targeting Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

In response, India launched an anti-Maldives campaign, advising its citizens against visiting the island nation.

Minister Faisal underscored the Maldives' commitment to peace and harmony, emphasizing the nation's open arms towards Indian tourists.

He urged the Indian market to consider the Maldives as a premier tourism destination, highlighting the crucial role of Indian visitors in supporting the Maldives' tourism-dependent economy.

I as a tourism minister want to call whole Indian market that please be a part of our tourism. Our economy depends on tourism

stated Minister Faisal

According to statistics from the Tourism Ministry, Indian tourist arrivals in the Maldives declined from 73,785 in the same period last year to 42,638 this year from January to April.

Despite this decline, Minister Faisal remains optimistic about the potential for renewed collaboration and increased tourist inflows from India.

The Maldives continues to prioritize fostering strong ties with India and welcoming Indian tourists, aiming to restore and strengthen tourism relations between the two nations.