Aasandha enhances healthcare access with new medical check-up initiatives

03 Apr 2024 | 08:49

Aasandha, the national health insurance scheme of the Maldives, has introduced new initiatives aimed at promoting regular medical check-ups for citizens of different age groups on Monday.

As part of the program, individuals over the age of 35 will now have access to a special medical check-up package aligning with the administration's commitment to provide bi-yearly check-ups under the Aasandha scheme.

In addition to extending the medical check-up service to this new age group, Aasandha has also introduced special school screenings for children under the age of 18, focusing on grades designated by the Ministry of Education.

The announcement comes after Aasandha acknowledged challenges encountered during the implementation of the initial medical check-up package introduced on January 1, 2024.

To address these issues, the company has revised the packages, with a particular focus on individuals over the age of 35 and 40.

These revised packages include tests for early cancer detection, reflecting the importance of preventive healthcare measures.

Under the new scheme, non-time-sensitive tests for cancer screening and other health checks will be provided free of charge once a year for individuals aged 30 and above.

Time-sensitive tests may also be included in the free check-up upon the recommendation of a healthcare professional.

Aasandha's initiative aims to promote proactive healthcare and early detection of health issues among citizens, ultimately contributing to improved overall health outcomes for the population