IAC commits to bring Gaza-stranded family of IUM professor to Maldives

01 Apr 2024 | 22:33
Dr. Hassan Al Kordi and his family (Photo/IAC)

The International Aid Campaign (IAC) has announced its decision to assist Dr. Hassan Al Kordi, an Arabic professor at the Islamic University of Maldives, in reuniting with his family members who have been stranded in Gaza. Dr. Hassan, along with his wife and four children aged between 13 and 20, has been living and working in the Maldives for the past eight years.

However, due to the closure of borders in late 2019, his family has been unable to return to the Maldives and has endured the hardships of the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Dr. Hassan recently disclosed to the media that his family has survived the attacks in Gaza but faces challenges in leaving the region due to the exorbitant costs of travel, ranging from USD 5,000 to 10,000 per person.

In a statement released on Sunday, the IAC expressed its commitment to covering all financial responsibilities associated with bringing Dr. Kordi's family to the Maldives.

They informed Dr. Kordi on 24 March of their decision and highlighted that food aid had been sent on 18 March to support the family during this difficult time.

Providing further details to Voice, the IAC mentioned that the total cost to transport the family out of Gaza amounts to $28,000, and they assured Dr. Kordi that the expenses, including tickets from Egypt to the Maldives, would be sponsored by the IAC.

Dr. Hassan Kordi also confirmed to Voice that the IAC had agreed to assume all financial responsibilities and pledged to provide the necessary funds by next week.

He expressed hope that his family could soon be relocated to Egypt, a step closer to their eventual reunion in the Maldives.

The IAC noted that they had previously facilitated the relocation of a family of seven citizens  to Maldives in January, underscoring their ongoing efforts to support individuals in need.

They emphasized that such matters are treated with discretion due to their personal nature.

Expressing gratitude, the IAC thanked the Maldivian community for their support toward the relief efforts in Gaza.