President Muizzu should apologize for recent remarks targeting india : Qasim

29 Jan 2024 | 15:04
Gasim Ibrahim, leader of Jumhooree party (JP)

In a press interview following the Jumhoori Party (JP) meeting, Gasim Ibrahim, the leader of Jumhooree Party (JP), called on President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu to formally apologize to India and Prime Minister Modi for the recent controversial remarks made during an interview.

President Muizzu, returning from his visit to China on January 13, 2024, made headlines with his comments at Velana International Airport.

During the interview, he stated, "Maldives is not a country in another country's backyard," emphasizing that the size of Maldives should not grant others the license to bully.

Gasim Ibrahim, expressing concern over the comments, urged President Muizzu to seek forgiveness from India for the indirect attacks made in the interview.

Gasim attributed the emotional nature of the remarks to former President Yameen, who initiated the "India Out" campaign, leading to tensions between Maldives and India.

Gasim also pointed out that former President Ibrahim Solih, who was the president at the time, delayed in opposing the campaign.

President Muizzu, during his interview, suggested reducing dependence on India in various areas, including medical services and medicines.

He proposed ending the import of general medicines from India and exploring alternatives from Europe, America, or countries of origin for the medicine.

Gasim responded to these statements, highlighting India's significant role and expertise in these fields, stating that such a move might not be practical.

Gasim concluded by addressing President Muizzu's indirect remark towards India, stating, "India is in a higher level in those fields, and they even export medicine to Europe, so we can't do that."

President Muizzu's recent comments further complicate the relationship between Maldives and India, with Gasim Ibrahim urging diplomatic reconciliation through a formal apology to mend bilateral relations.