Government to take strict measures against Illegal foreign-run businesses

23 Jan 2024 | 09:28
Minister Ihusaan, Ministry of Homeland Security and Technology

Speaking on a VTV program, Minister of Homeland Security and Technology, Ali Ihusaan, highlighted plans for a special program dedicated to identifying and taking action against illegal businesses managed by expats and foreigners.

Emphasizing the detrimental effects of unchecked foreign-run enterprises on small local businesses, Minister Ihusaan announced a joint initiative with the Economic ministry to address this pressing issue.

"Due to the lack of oversight into illegal businesses run by foreigners, small businesses are being adversely affected.

In partnership with the Economic Ministry, a special program will be initiated to inspect and identify businesses that violate regulations prohibiting foreigners from operating in the country.

"Urgent measures will be taken against foreign business owners found in violation during this inspection," stated Minister Ihusaan.

Highlighting the significance of addressing expat issues, President Dr. Muizzu has prioritized finding solutions, even directing the ministry to work towards resolving these matters within a year.

Minister Ihusaan further outlined plans to gather comprehensive data on expats residing in different islands.

A program will be implemented to collect their biodata and fingerprints, creating a centralized system in collaboration with island councils and the police.

The challenge of illegal expats and foreigners is one that even the previous administration struggled to resolve.

Police statistics reveal a concerning correlation between expats and high rates of crime, encompassing drug-related offenses, extortion, physical altercations, and severe crimes such as human trafficking.

The forthcoming program signifies a concerted effort by the government to address the longstanding issue of illegal foreign-run businesses and to ensure greater accountability in the expatriate community.