Indian Ocean is not the property of any country :President Muizzu

14 Jan 2024 | 20:21
The President speaks at the meeting---Photo: Voice

The Indian Ocean is not the property of any particular country and even if it is  a small country, other  foreign countries cannot exert adverse influence on them , said president Dr.Mohammed Muizzu.

He said this in a statement to the media at the Velana International Airport after completing his  first visit to China.

"This sea does not belong to any particular country. It belongs to all the surrounding countries." He said.

Neighboring India  and some others have been describing Maldives as a country in India's backyard. Referring to that, he indirectly said that Maldives is not in the backyard of any country.

"We are not in the backyard of any particular country. We are an independent country," President Dr.Muizzu said.

The President said that no matter how small the country is, the share of the Indian Ocean will be the largest for one country.

"We are a country in this sea, no matter how small the islands are,  the exclusive economic zone is very large, nine lakh acre kilometers." President said.

The President praised China during the meeting. The President said one of the main principles of Maldives-China relations is 'no interference in internal matters'. He said China does not influence any internal affairs of Maldives.