We will hopefully expand Aasanda to UAE and Thailand: President

14 Jan 2024 | 14:13
President Dr.Mohamed Muizzu-- photo: voice

The president announces, about the plans to expand Aasandha services to Thailand and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

The President was briefing reporters at the VIA after completing his first visit to China. President Dr.Muizzu said he would try to make Aasanda available in better quality countries than those currently available.

"In the future, we will hopefully expand our Aasanda to the better quality countries such as  UAE and Thailand   rather than just going to medical facilities in a particular country." He said.

Speaking about Aasanda, he added that the government's aim is to cover the cost of traveling to these places.

"Until the health facility of this country is developed, we will go to better hospitals like Dubai and Bangkok. Accommodation expenses will be covered by Aasanda," he said.

The President made many other announcements during the meeting such as the government will provide a sack of flour and  rice  to every household during the Ramadan month.